Welcome to our CGI gallery. We are Thorsten Kuttig & Sonja Schlichter.

Thorsten (aka T:K) has been 3D-Artist for almost 27 years.
He started his career in 1989 and since that time he worked for reams of clients.

Sonja has been Project Manager since 1998 and she manages most of the projects, that T:K works on.

Together we are e·Sence® - digital department!

In our gallery you can see lots of stuff, from pretty old to very innovative, 
from very simple to quite complex.


BTW: It´s 2016 now and we still didn´t find the time to either update our utterly outdated demoreel(s) or our website...sorry for that...
there are still dozens of pretty new works to be inserted here...but we´re totally busy (which is pretty good though :)