Traveling is something, everyone loves.

But while working hard or while bringing up our children, we sometimes forget, what it means to conquer new worlds, to meet different people and to feel free as an eagle.

I love traveling, as it brings the perfect balance between working hard, being permanently in a rush and just doing nothing, wasting my time with senseless activities.

I´ll never do those "all-inclusive-tours", as they´re mostly much harder than working 16 hours a day.
I love to conquer the different continents and countries by my own and the only things I need, are the knapsack on my back, my wife on my side and my camera over my shoulder.

Photographs can last forever. Year after year, they´ll keep the remembrance of what you´ve seen and felt and watching those photos after a couple of years again and again, brings you back to those places, where you´ve been. They´ll let you escape for a short time from work, from stress and all the hassles, that come with life.

I´m still young and there are still hundreds of places, I wanna see and hopefully will be able to see before I die.