• Bangkok

    Fortunately we spent only 1 day in Bangkok and if I say "fortunately", than I mean it seriously.
    I really don´t like Bangkok!

    It´s dirty, the traffic is disgusting, the air is disgusting, there are "millions" of people, not knowing, what they do, there are hundreds of wild dogs, bleeding, suffering on the streets and it seems, that these people there, have no rules at all.
    Immediately after leaving the plane, we really needed a breathing-mask, because of all the dust and smoke in the air. I never experienced something like this before and I cannot imagine, how somebody can live in a place like this.

    Never ever, I will visit this city again and if I would like to visit parts of Thailand and I cannot find a proper airport, I´ll walk there;)

    .Canon EOS 20D
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    .B&W Polarizer
    .Manfrotto 190DB tripod
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