• New Zealand - North Isle

    "Kia Ora Aotearoa", which means something like "Good Day, land of the long white cloud"

    Well...whatta say about New Zealand?
    I could talk hour after hour about the "last real paradise" on earth and even if I´ve visited quite a few places on earth, I still can say, that New Zealand is my favourite place.

    New Zealand is ab-so-lutely amazing!

    On our 3600 miles long trip on the north island, we visited every "Lord Of The Rings"-location, from the very northest point (Cape Reinga) to the very southest one (Wellington).
    We surrounded the north isle counter clockwise and we did see absolutely spectacular scenaries, wonderful landscapes, millions of sheeps and we met great people.

    "If you don´t like the weather, just wait for 10 minutes!
    That´s what they told us, when we´ve got suprised by masses of rain.
    10 minutes later - and this is not a joke - we had perfect weather again, with lots of sun and heat.
    amazing...just amazing!

    I´ll never forget this little piece on earth...and believe me...we´ll meet again!


    Unfortunately it´s too much work, to describe every picture, as every one of it, can tell its own story.
    Maybe you´ll recognize all the LOTR-locations, some of them were pretty hidden and not really recognizable at all, but because of the fact, that we had GPS-data of every location and a navigation laptop aside, it was quite easy, to find them :)

    .Canon EOS 20D
    .Canon IXUS 700
    .Panasonic NV-MX 500 EG
    .Canon EF 70-300, 4.5-5.6, IS USM
    .B&W Polarizer
    .Canon EF-S 17-85 IS USM
    .B&W Polarizer
    .Manfrotto 190DB tripod
    .Manfrotto 700RC2 head

    © 2005, Thorsten Kuttig