• Fürstenau Making

    This is Sonjas very first movie, where she shot and edited by herself.

    Her comment:
    While the shooting for the "Cityportrait Fürstenau" I got my brandnew camera and recorded some "Behind The Scenes"-Shots. The Cityportrait will be uploaded from THE IE·DNlab PROJECT (vimeo.com/​iednlab) soon. Also you can see "Behind The Scenes"-Shots of "enchanted forest" (vimeo.com/​13779559) and "Sabine & Steven - Medieval Wedding" (vimeo.com/​13628743) from THE IE·DNlab PROJECT.

    All shots are done free-hand.
    Just a few shots have a slightly color correction in Edius 5.

    Hope, you like it.
    Panasonic DMC FZ38

    © 2010, Sonja Schlichter, Thorsten Kuttig