• 2010/ Miss Barock w. Mark Terenzi

    This is a short documentary about the Miss Barock Germany - 2010 competition in Celle.

    Well..with a big smile on my face, I put this video online, always remembering my tough luck this day.
    Armed with my brand new "100 KG" shoulderrig, my two backpacks and my camera on the left, my girlfriend and my client on the right, I stumbled to the audio engineer to get a well mixed sound onto my laptop.

    I tried to handle "1000nd"s of spectators, who where stumbling over my tripod everytime, bumping me from nearly every side.
    In one second I had a wonderful sun, 2 minutes later, I-dunno-how-many-gallons of rain.
    The "master of audio" did forget to give me the right sound to the right output, so sometimes I had just the voice, sometimes only the music and most of the time just everything.

    I can proudly say, that from 3 hours of shooting, I had nearly 99% of the shots out of focus :D
    and a "Windows" audio recorder, which is only able to record 1 minute pieces...did YOU know that?????I didn´t.

    Under those - even for my client - unknown and unexpected circumstances, we all tried to make the best out of it.
    When we all thought about an at least 5m catwalk, we got surprised by just a few squaremeters...without catwalk by the way :D
    Not enough for the performances, not in any way enough for me. From minute to minute my rig was getting heavier and heavier and after one hour, I decided to shoot the rest of the shots freehand.

    The only circumstance that kept me alive, was the fact, that I´m a man of honour andLucardis Feist and her team were wonderful people, who were putting a lot of motivation into what they were doing.

    The night has been rewarded with some good drinks with Marc Terenzi, who is a pretty funny guy and some of the models, as well as Lucardis, Markus, Corinna, Thorsten, Andrea and Sebastian, who are the "Feist-Style-Team"...yeah...and of course my girlfriend:)

    Thanks also to Egzona Ahmeti, who leaded us the way, as well as other members of the Celle city.

    I´m also always remembering the glas of my LCDVF viewfinder, which steamed up every second, while shooting in the changing room. DO NOT ask why!!!...embarassing enough :D
    (But maybe this is shown in the short teaser, I´m working on, right now ;) )

    Special Guest: Mark Terenzi

    [non commercial production] 
    Canon EOS 7D,
    Sigma AF 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG macro,
    Kenko Polarizer Digital Pro,
    Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 USM L IS,
    B+W MRC Polarizer, slim,
    ProAim DSLR rig and shouldermount,
    Manfrotto MA 055 CXPRO3 tripod,
    Manfrotto 701 HDV videohead,
    Manfrotto 808 RC4 3way-head,
    Rode Stereo VideoMic,

    Shot at ISO 100, 1/125, f2.8, 59,97fps, flat picture style, edited and graded in Adobe Premiere Pro
    © 2010, Lucardis Feist, Thorsten Kuttig