Stock Footage

Using Stock Footage is beneficial to cinematographers and filmmakers, designers and to all those, who haven´t time or money for flying all around the world, for getting a desired shot.
Whether you´re using Stock Footage for your commerical, for outtakes, as establishing shots or as fillers...the possibilities are unlimited.

I´m shooting Stock Footage for almost 3 years now.
I´ve started with a simple FullHD camera and a tripod, whereas nowdays, I´m always shooting in 4K with a professional DSLR and lots of equipment, as well as drones for my aerial shots.

I´m a registered contributor at the most major agencies, like Shutterstock or POND5, as well as many others, offering more than 2000 shots in FullHD and 4K.

My preferred genres are "Time Lapses", "Landscape and Nature", "Beaches and Water", "Sunrises and Sunsets", but I´m open for all and evertyhing.

Most of my shots are filmed with a flat style (for maximum dynamic range) and I´m offering graded, as well as untouched footage (straight out of the cam), from the most beautiful places on earth. (ok, there are still a lot of places, I´ve never visited, but I´m heavily working on it;)

Click here to see my Stock Footage Demo Reel

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